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Wellington Chinese Language School Inc.

PO Box 10-839 The Terrace, Wellington

Learn Chinese (Mandarin)

The Wellington Chinese Language School (WCLS) was established in 1972 and is a community-based school teaching both oral and written Chinese (Mandarin), with 23 classes and 350 students in 2017. Classes are taught on Sundays from 2.00pm to 3.30pm at Victoria University, Kelburn Parade by qualified teachers who are all native Chinese speakers. We offer classes to all levels, from beginners to advanced students from the age of four to adult. We welcome students of Chinese origin and others who are interested in increasing their knowledge of Chinese language and culture.

We provide students many valuable opportunities to practice Chinese language and experience Chinese culture. We have two dance teams and one orchestra. We also hold interest classes, including calligraphy, Chinese painting, chess and paper cutting etc. Parents can practice Tai Chi (tutored by an experienced instructor) while their child is learning Chinese at the language school. Enrolments are also accepted throughout the year depending on class availability.

Enrolment Information for 2019 School Year

We have started accepting enrolment for next year. To secure a place, you can download and complete a copy of the enrolment form with your payment now. Once you’ve completed your enrolment form, please send your form to or post to the address on the enrolment form, and please inform of us your payment method and reference if you’ve made online payment.

School Donation: $160 per year under the age of 18
  $250 per year 18 years and over
  $400 per year for immediate family (maximum of five people)
Enrolment Day: Enrolment Day for 2019 will be on Sunday 3 February. Enrolments will be taken from 2:00pm – 4:00pm at Murphy Building Foyer, Kelburn Campus, Victoria University.
Classes: Classes will begin on Sunday 17 February from 2.00pm – 3.30pm at Kelburn Campus.
Inquiries contact: Email:
  WeChat ID: WCLS1972
  Principal: Maggie Zhou
  Enrolment Officer: Tanya Tan

2019年开始招生了。报名表格enrolment form可以从这里下载。请将报名表填好后,连同付款说明(支票或网上转账)一同发到,或邮寄到报名表上指定的地址。

你也可以于2019年2月3日下午2:00到4:00之间到维多利亚大学Kelburn校区的Murphy Building Foyer报名。2019年的第一次中文课是2月17日下午2:00pm到3:30pm。请注

赞助费: $160/年 18岁以下
  $250/年 18 岁及以上
  $400/年 家庭 (最多5人)
垂询: 电邮:
  微信: WCLS1972
  校长: Maggie Zhou
  招生主任: Tanya Tan

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