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2017 School will start from Saturday 18th of February. ...

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Wellington Chinese Language School Inc.

PO Box 10-839 The Terrace, Wellington

Learn Chinese (Mandarin)

The Wellington Chinese Language School (WCLS) was established in 1972 and offers Chinese Mandarin classes for adults and children (aged 5 and above) of all levels of confidence and ability. The school has an annual roll of over 240 students with classes taught by native Chinese speakers who are also fluent in English. Classes are situated in the modern teaching facilities of Victoria University of Wellington’s Kelburn campus. Classes are held 1.30-3.00pm on Saturdays, following the primary school calendar.

WCLS also provides students many valuable opportunities to practice the language and Chinese culture. The annual Chinese Cultural Festival is the largest event of the school. In 2013, the cultural festival was made up of two big events. The first event included the introduction to some Chinese musical instruments such as Guzheng, Guqin and Erhu; and an experience of playing Chinese chess, paper cutting and moon cake tasting. The second event was the school performance. All the students are encouraged to actively participate with the various events held by WCLS . Every year the school awards one adult student and two children scholarships.

Enrolment day : Saturday 11 Feb. 2017

To enrol, you can come along to Kelburn Campus of Vic Uni on 11 February 2017 or visit our website to download and complete a copy of enrolment form with your payment.
This is the enrolment notice for the enrolment day.
Venue: Victoria University, Kelburn Parade,
  Murphy Building foyer, Kelburn Campus, Victoria
  University of Wellington
Enrolment: Saturday 11 February 2017, from 1.00 pm to 3.30 pm
  Followed by class from 11 Feb 2017 from 1.30 to 3.00pm. School Calendar 2017
School $150 per year under the age of 16
Donation: $240 per year 16 years and over
  $370 per year for immediate family
Inquiries contact: Email:
  Maggie Zhou 021 0658998
  Ben Ang 04 9711806 or 021 436198
  Bobby Ng 04 3887168 or 022 626 0599

2017年开始招生(表格可以从我们的网站下载 )

报名日期: 2017年2月11日, 星期六, 1.00 - 3.30
地点:维多利亚大学 Kelburn Parade
                                     Murphy Building Foyer
第一次中文课:2017年2月18日星期六 , 下午 1.30 开始上课
赞助费: 5岁-16岁: $150.00/年                   咨询电话: 周大双 04 4768718 或 021 0658998
  16 岁以上: $240.00/年                     Ben Ang 04 9711806
  家庭收费 : $370.00/年                     Bobby Ng 04 3887168